Stone Contracts - Residential Block Refurbishment

Principal Contractor for
Residential Block Refurbishment

Stone Contracts are a Principal Contractor who work with Property Managers, Surveyors and other professional teams within the Residential Block Management sector to refurbish and restore large properties.

As a residential block refurbishment contractor our completed projects never fail to deliver elevated kerb appeal, increased property valuations and saleability by sensitively undertaking planned maintenance projects to the buildings fabrics, facades and common parts. We work to the highest standards, using innovative materials, techniques and open-minded access solutions to restore peoples’ homes to their former glory- often reigniting feelings of positivity towards their homes in residential blocks throughout London and beyond.

Stone Contracts - Residential Block Refurbishment

Common Parts Refurbishment

Upgrading the visual appearance of the common parts.

Stone Contracts - Residential Block Refurbishment


Internal passive fire protection.

Stone Contracts - Residential Block Refurbishment

Cyclical Repairs & Decorations

Maintain the general condition of the block of flats/apartments.

Stone Contracts - Residential Block Refurbishment

External Refurbishment

Works to any external parts of the fabric of the building.

Principal Contractor for Residential Block Refurbishment

Richard first set foot in a trench at just 5 years old to help his dad and his brother with some footings on a domestic extension and that sense of team achievement remains core to our business approach 40 years later.

Richard is extremely passionate about team spirit- working with colleagues and suppliers, building fair and sustainable long term business to business partnerships that deliver value for all parties. Richard also views the business as a way to create opportunities for both mentoring and real site experience for the next generation of construction workers; giving them an opportunity to meaningfully participate in the delivery of award-winning projects that restore and preserve buildings as well as ensuring that they are compliant and safe for people to reside in. This contributes positively to an improved street scene which can only serve to increase people’s positive perception of their immediate environment- leaving them and the world in a better place.

Having gained considerable experience working for contractors of differing sizes over 25 years, Richard Stone established Stone Contracts to provide Property Managers with access to a full range of property refurbishment services with an experienced principal contractor who has a comprehensive understanding of the Residential Block Management sector, as well as the highest standards of Health & Safety, a keen eye for detail, and a focus on customer experience.

After all, it is people’s homes we are working on.   

Residential Block Refurbishment

Stone Contracts have worked on many different types of flats and apartments; from those of architectural and historic importance built using traditional trades, methods, techniques and materials and steeped in history, through to modern luxury apartments built with modern methods of construction and state of the art materials.

Providing straightforward cyclical redecoration projects to whole blocks in need of upgrade, makeover or modernisation, we will work with you to manage the process with our experienced team using quality materials whilst minimising the impact on your client’s lives. 

Working with Property Managers at the earliest stages of the process allows us to proactively advise on the right solution for the building and gives you the most economical options for your client. If you have a project on the horizon, book a call today to see how we can help.   

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